Introducing Wizkers:Radio

Wizkers:Radio is a completely new type of rig controller, based on the Wizkers framework. It is the only rig controller app which will work as well on an Android phone or tablet, a Chromebook, or a Mac, Linux or Windows computer.

No matter what the device you are running it on, Wizkers:Radio gives you not only direct access to VFOs and a couple of settings, like most rig controllers do, but to a complete operation dashboard including unique capabilities such as

  • Complete working copy of the radio front panel
  • "Memory cards" for quick access to frequencies
  • Monitoring and graphing of all radio and amplifier parameters: temperature, power, voltage, current
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Radio equipment support

At this time, Wizkers:Radio works with Elecraft gear: KX3, KXPA100, PX3, XG3. e are planning to add support for other equipment brands with time.

Interfacing with radio software

As a rig controller, Wizkers:Radio provides a complete set of "output plugins" which enable it to act as the rig controller for a whole variety of ham radio software:

  • XML-RPC plugin: this lets you use Wizkers:Radio as a drop-in replacement for flrig when used with fldigi
  • Hamlib "rigctld" plugin: this plugin makes Wizkers:Radio compatible with any software that can talk the rigctl TCP/IP protocol

You can enable/disable any of those plugins at any time and have them all work together, which is completely unique.

Radio / Equipment configuration

Elecraft radios are amazingly configurable - the KX3 contains nearly 200 individual settings, all of which can be accessed from its front panel... if you remember how to do it, or if you have the manual with you. When using Wizkers:Radio, you can make the configuration process a lot easier:

KX3 Audio Settings

KX3 Audio Settings

The screenshot above shows the Audio settings section of Wizkers:Radio for the KX3. On one panel, you can access pretty much all the KX3 settings related to its audio, including easy to use graphic equalizers, and complete control on the AGC parameters.


User Manual

The Wizkers:Radio user manual is entirely online, and evolves all the time as we make the software itself evolve, so keep coming back, and let us know your comments!

Wizkers:Radio for XG3 instructions           Wizkers:Radio for KX3 instructions           Wizkers:Radio for KXPA100 instructions

You can also refer to our Support section for more details on how to use Wizkers:Radio in general, and take a look a the video tutorials below!

Video tutorials