Wizkers for Nuclear

The Wizkers framework supports many radiation monitors out of the box, and is being used by several organizations to build their apps.

IMI Gateway

IMI Gateway connects to the Medcom Onyx, Blue Onyx, Geiger Link and all other USB or bluetooth capable Medcom instruments, and lets users graph, map and record their readings.

With IMI Gateway, users can use their phone or tablet GPS along with their geiger counter to create detailed radiation surveys and follow their tracks on a map. All survey data can be exported as easy to process CVS files. IMI Gateway can also be setup to forward all its radiation readings to third party web services through its REST API connector.

IMI Gateway is also compatible with Android Wear and will not only display the radiation level on watches, but also alert users if radiation goes over the alert level you that is defined in the app.

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Safecast:Drive connects to the Safecast.org bGeigie Nano and displays all its data on screen, as a graph and as a map.

It also records drives, and uploads them to Safecast directly: no need to juggle with files on the bGeigie Nano's µSD card anymore!

Safecast:Drive is compatible with the bGeigie Nano, as well as the "Onyx" geiger counter, which was designed for Safecast, released as a Kickstarter in 2013 and is currently being sold by International Medcom. You will need a phone or tablet that supports USB On-the-go (OTG) as well as an OTG adapter cable.

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Other projects

Head over to the Showcase section for more examples of Wizkers.io being used for radiation monitoring