Wizkers has been adopted and deployed by multiple companies and users


Safecast international, volunteer-centered organization devoted to open citizen science for the environment who designs the acclaimed bGeigie nano Geiger counter to enable citizen to monitor radioactivity. Its original version was bluetooth enabled, but did not allow users to extract their data. Thanks to Wizkers, they now have an easy application to upload data and share them globally with other volunteers around the world. 


Major Geiger counters manufacturer International Medcom has licensed Wizkers.io to create IMI Gateway available on Windows, Linux, Mac OS and Android. The IMI Gateway enables users to connect their Geiger counter, export and backup their logs.



Fried Circuits

Wizkers support all the USB and Bluetooth-connected products of Fried Circuits, such as their very popular OLED USB power and voltage monitor.

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The Natural Resources Defense Council uses Wizkers to centralize all the readings generated by the network of Geiger probes they have deployed over the Washington DC area.