While Wizkers.io can support any instrument that connects over Bluetooth, TCP/IP, USB or serial, we are focusing on several markets where we have built partnerships:

Available versions

  • Wizkers.io framework, licensed as Open Source (Affero GPL), is available to all to work and extend including: 
    • Wizkers:Nuclear for radiation monitoring, in partnership with International Medcom
    • Wizkers:Radio for Amateur Radio
    • Wizkers.io for environmental sensors and measurement instruments


One of the unique capabilities of Wizkers.io is its extremely wide choice of target platforms:

  • Windows, MacOS, Linux as a Chrome packaged app
  • Chromebooks
  • Google Android, Amazon Kindle Fire. Support Android Wear.
  • Apple iOS
  • Server mode: MacOS, Linux
  • Embedded: Beaglebone Black, Raspberry Pi, most embedded computers running Linux
IMI Gateway, powered by the Wizkers.io framework

IMI Gateway, powered by the Wizkers.io framework