Wizkers:Radio is out!

We are very happy to announce the release of Wizkers:Radio on the Android Store and the Chrome store. Wizkers:Radio is a version of Wizkers that is dedicated to HAM Radio operators, and supports a lot of Elecraft equipment: KX3, KXPA100, PX3 and XG3. It also provides experimental support for the Sark110, only as a Chrome app.

In our very unbiased opinion, Wizkers:Radio is one of the most advanced, and certainly the best looking HAM radio controller available on Android today. Its role is to be a natural extension of your rig whenever you have access to a phone and tablet, make the use of your KX3 even simpler and leverage your equipment to the maximum of its abilities.

Remote control and monitoring

The KX3 display is entirely reproduced on Wizkers:Radio, all the way to the buttons that are all functional.

Wizkers:Radio connects to your rig/instruments using either a USB OTG cable, or a Pignology Piglet. You then get a complete remote display of your KX3 or your KXPA100 in case it is not located right next to you.

Of course, all the buttons are active, and for the KXPA100, all the setting entries as well.

KXPA100 monitor and configurator

Moreover, Wizkers:Radio is compatible with hamlib: if you use logging or digital mode software that supports hamlib, your tablet will be turned into a full-fledged rig controller.

Stay tuned for a tutorial and demo video of these capabilities.


The KX3 is a very advanced radio. It supports no less than configuration 73 menu entries, many of which contain up to 6 sub-entries, or are band-dependent. In other words, this translates in to hundreds of parameters!

Audio settings - including TX and RX equalizers!

Wizkers:Radio tames all these by organizing configuration settings by functional group - Audio, Band settings, etc - and lets you adjust each of chose with just a couple of touches/clicks.

Band related configuration

Band related configuration

In the next few releases, we will introduce even more menu options, as well as an inline help system to explain how those menu options work - similar to the 3-second press on "DISP" on the KX3 while a menu is displayed.

Text mode

The KX3 has built-in support for PSK31 and RTTY. Wizkers supports those modes, and includes a simple macro system to make it faster to chat.

Text more QSOs

Text more QSOs

XG3 Support

The Elecraft XG3 is a very cool RF generator that supports tons of features, including a CW and RTTY beacon mode. Wizkers supports all the same capabilities as the official Elecraft XG3 utility (sweep settings will be implemented in the next release), and adds complete remote control with a copy of the XG3 front-end, and beacon mode configuration.

When coupled with a Piglet, you can install the XG3 in one location and control it remotely, which can be very useful in many situations.

Complete remote control of the XG3 - click on the LEDs to change band.

Next steps

This Android release of Wizkers:Radio is the first official specialized Android build of Wizkers. We have used it in many situations so far, on phones all the way to tablets, laptops and Chromebook.

Wizkers:Radio is a truly innovative piece and software, supporting a wider range of platforms and devices than anything else on the market today. We are planning to continue improving it at a rapid pace, and are counting on you to give us feedback: what works, what doesn't, what you would like to see included.

So please, try Wizkers:Radio, get in touch, give us your comments, this software exists for our users, help us turn into into your favorite rig controller!

73 de Ed, W6ELA