Wizkers.io powered app on the Apple Mac App Store!

This is an exciting bit of news: the first Wizkers.io-powered Mac app was just approved by Apple for selling on the Mac app store.

You can now search for "Wizkers Radio" on your Mac's store and install it directly from there:

This is also a great milestone for the Wizkers.io framework, since Apple's review process is fairly strict, and this demonstrates our framework is mature enough to build official Mac apps.

You can visit the Wizkers.io support forum at http://forum.wizkers.io/ for a more complete discussion on this release.

From a technical standpoint, the version of Wizkers:Radio that is on the Mac app store is the standard Wizkers:Radio code, powered by the NWJS.io framework. This comes right on time with our development schedule since Google has decided to remove support for Chrome apps in early 2017, depriving us of that convenient distribution model.

The Apple Mac app store is a great replacement for Mac users though, with a version of Wizkers:Radio that you should find faster and snappier than the previous Chrome version.