Telepost LP-100A support

The latest version of Wizkers adds support for a new instrument: the Telepost LP-100A:

This new instrument is a really cool RF Wattmeter with a lot of interesting capabilities. You can read all about it on the Telepost site. The LP-100A supports a simple serial data output, which made it an ideal candidate for Wizkers:Radio.

This first implementation is a fairly straightforward remote display for the LP-100A which mixes a semi-realistic rendering of the actual device and controls in the usual Wizkers:Radio tradition, but takes a few liberties to present more information than the LP-100A itself can do on its 2-line VFD screen.


The following LP-100A capabilities are supported:

  • SWR Bargraph
  • Power bargraph (15W, 100W and 1500W autoscale)
  • Alarms: visual and audio with a 600Hz annoying beep
  • Alarm setting and Peak/Avg/Tune setting
  • In a nutshell, pretty much everything the LP-100A will let you do remotely.

The bargraph update speed is at 2Hz right now, with very little CPU usage. It is probably not practical to go above this value, display-wise, but we are open to comments.

We are especially pleased with this new instrument, because this fills a gap whereby the only OS that was supported by the official Telepost utility was Windows. You can now remotely display your LP-100A on pretty much every device on the planet - save for iOS, but that's another story altogether.

Many thanks to Larry Phipps from Telepost for his support on this project!