We make beautiful scientific instrument interfaces

Your data is only as good as the instrumentation that collects it. 

Wizkers.io is a framework designed to leverage the IO capabilities of high quality scientific instruments and sensors, 

to configure, control, visualize, log, and export the data they generate.

As an open source and platform agnostic framework, it offers unique benefits: 


Most “Internet of Things” services only let you access your data through their infrastructure, on their terms. Wizkers.io changes this because you own both the front-end and the back-end, and you can still connect to the remote services you choose.

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Thanks to its plugin system, Wizkers.io can be extended to support any instrument. Many instruments are already supported, more will be included in the standard distribution over time. You can help too, Wizkers.io is Open Source!

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The Wizkers.io framework is compatible with Mac OS, Windows XP to Windows 10, Linux, Android and iOS. It even runs as a standalone server on most cloud platforms or embedded devices. In other terms, you can say goodbye to platform compatibility headaches and focus on user experience instead.